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Mark Savage

Mark Savage
Hello. I'm Mark, an associate with Royal Realty in S. Daytona, FL, and I want to help people attain the dream, privilege, stability, and happiness of owning property in Florida.People call it the “American Dream” but attaining it requires some work, some knowledge, and some help. That's where I come in!

A little about me. I'm a retired Air Force M Sgt. with 20 years serving my country, finishing as an evaluator weapons director with more than 6500 hours airborne in the E-3 AWACS aircraft. I was honorably discharged with numerous decorations including Meritorious Service, and the Air Medal. Since then I've served my communities as a driver of box trucks and semi tractor-trailers, and installing DirecTV systems for enthusiastic customers.

I have completed an AA and AAS and have over 200 college credits focusing on business management. I've been on the buyers' side, including my current home in Palm Coast. Now I’m on another side of the equation, and it's more complex than most buyers or sellers realize. I am the expert my clients need to complete the legal, financial, and ethical aspects of property transfer. I also listen carefully to match the clients' desires to the perfect real property. Please hire me to be in your corner. Together we’ll turn dreams into reality!
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