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DeAnna Greenwood

For the past 16 plus years Ive been selling real estate in the Florida Market, I am addicted to my career. After working with the larger Real Estate companies for so long I decided that a more personal approach to the most important transactions People would make in their life times needed to occur! As a result Royal Realty was born! You can meet my agents at and learn about our mission, see how we took a step away from politics and reduced the stress involved in the sale of homes and the purchase of properties how we learned how to reduce mortgages quicker with happier tenants by giving them a sense of pride in the home they live in, let us share with you how aggressive intelligence with a touch of compassion can go a long way in any market.

Hard work motivated agents ethical practices and determination to succeed in making each client happy one transaction at a time is how we function as a team as an agency as a Royal family here in the Daytona Beach Port Orange Florida area. In fact our agents will travel the entire state of Florida to assist a client. We are YOUR REALTOR for LIFE.

Our jobs, simply put is to bring together a meeting of the minds between buyer and seller so that each party feels that they have done well in this most momentous financial investment. Relieving you of stress during this time is our goal, let us do the heavy lifting that is what we are trained for.

Consistent education is the key to protecting our clients interests. We are diligently increasing our education on a monthly basis here at Royal Realty with all the latest up to date laws to keep you the client informed and safe. Royal Realty uses all the technologically advanced tools available to serve you to the best of our ability however we understand that nothing beats face to face interaction and a sit down conversation. Our time is your time. Phones calls are important not just text messages and IM's. We make time for you and all of your questions and concerns throughout the entire process and long afterwards, you will never have to go it alone. The value of your home is of vital interest to you! Royal agents understand that it is not about just crunching numbers to come up with a suitable price range. There are many factors involved in your homes true value and a Royal agent will take the time to dig deep to see that value and to explain the nuances of today's market value compared to that of last years so that each client has a true understanding of where they stand before they list their home. Royal Realty agents will NEVER give you a number to get you to list with us just to have you reduce it weeks later you will ALWAYS know the truth up front from a Royal Agent. Trust is of the utmost importance to us here at Royal Realty and we value yours. ( Royal Realty Rentals) Royal Realty's Property management division assures you that your homes are not just keys on a wall. Each of our agents work to take care of your home monthly not just one we all service your property together. Our philosophy is that if tenants are made to care about the home they live in they will take care of it. So we give them reasons to care. It works. We have less turn around time, happier tenants and higher paying rents as a result. Call us for a chat and we will be happy to explain our simple yet effective methods that create excellent ROI for you the landlord.

My name is DeAnna Greenwood and I have been in Real Estate for a very long time now. I recognize how customer service is not what it once was and I want to change that one transaction at a time. With a handful of great agents we are here to do that. Come visit us at and see what great customer service hard work strong ethics and honest people can do for you.

Thank you, Sincerely, DeAnna
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